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Environmental Compliance

Hazardous Waste eLearning for Retailers

This eLearning is a great place to discover key elements of hazardous waste management in retail, including how to conduct waste determinations, determine generator requirements, and identify waste from retail operations.

Introduction to Environmental Regulations for Retail
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This eLearning serves as a useful introduction to environmental regulations that most often apply to retail operations. Topics include air, water, solid and hazardous waste, storage tanks, and emergency planning. 


Energy Management

Financial Literacy for Retail Curriculum: Finance 101 and 201
This eLearning contains two financing modules - Finance 101: Understanding the CFO and Translating Metrics and Finance 201: Innovative and Alternative Options. Created for retail energy and sustainability professionals, these trainings provide insights relevant across sectors and roles for professionals at all levels of financial literacy. Both are designed to meet the requirements of several professional accreditations’ continuing education programs by providing optional graded assessments and completion certificates.


RCC regional workshops and networking events give retail compliance professionals an understanding of environmental compliance topics through hands-on exercises and peer discussion.


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Compliance with Environmental Regulations in California

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In this webinar, Angela Levin, Partner at Troutmans Sanders, LLP, discusses California's complex environmental regulatory structure, with its multi-layered regulation by state and local agencies. Follow along with the RCC's fact sheet here.

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Retail Zero Waste Strategies

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This webinar covers the what, why, and how of updating one's zero waste strategy through certifications and new technologies. Techniques both new and old are presented by Daniel Leskovec of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Stephanie Barger of TRUE Zero Waste, and Reece Hammer of Avangard Innovative.

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Organics Waste Recycling in the U.S.


In this webinar, Angela Levin, Partner at Troutman Sanders LLP, detailed the U.S. mandatory organics recycling requirements. The focus was on the California program, but also detailed developments in other states and local jurisdictions. Several organic waste challenges for retail were presented along with potential solutions and best practices.

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Overview of Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations

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This webinar serves to build awareness of Federal hazardous waste regulations and is presented by two experienced retail environmental compliance practitioners, John Storlie of Retail Environmental Solutions, and Pat Perry of Oak Creek Associates. Pat and John share helpful tips and examples of working with hazardous waste regulations in retail.

Suggested Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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State Variations in Hazardous Waste Regulations

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In this webinar Pat and John take a deeper dive into U.S. hazardous waste regulations in retail, including important state differences and implementation of the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule.

Suggested Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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Overview of Environmental Management in Retail


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This webinar discusses the “how to” when implementing an environmental program to manage environmental risk in your operations. 

- Suggested Level: Beginner to Intermediate 

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Other Training Materials


Environmental Compliance Training for Retail Professionals Curriculum  


        • Information on relevant training for environmental managers and staff



Environmental Law 101  

        • General information about environmental law from Environmental Law Institute

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