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Retail Sustainability Leadership Model

​​​​​​​​About RILA’s Retail Sustainability Management Leadership Model

The Model is a tool for retail sustainability executives to identify the management practices that will drive improved corporate and environmental performance.

The Model is divided into seven sections, including:

      • Strategy & Commitment
      • People & Tools
      • Visibility​
      • Retail Operations
      • Supply Chain
      • Products
      • Sustain​ability / CSR Issues

It is intended to identify possible pathways to strong environmental sustainability programs in retail. The leading practices are currently only performed by a few companies at most; and not every company can/will achieve every leading practice.

Process to Develop the Model

The foundation for this Model is based the Retail Industry Leaders Association’s (RILA) primary knowledge of the industry and sustainability programs, and confirmed through secondary research. It represents the collective knowledge of many industry experts through three review periods in 2015 and update reviews in 2016 and 2017 that solicited input from environmental nonprofits and experts, and numerous retailers.​

Download a PDF copy of the model.

How to Use the Model

The Model is a tool that can be used for individual company and industrywide purposes.

Individual retailers can use the Model to:

  • Identify the maturity of their program and opportunities for improvement
  • Facilitate internal conversations about the sustainability program’s development
  • Access more funding for sustainability programs
  • Train employees with sustainability responsibilities
  • Obtain buy-in from leadership and other departments
  • Evaluate internal and external perception, and then evaluate gaps

Program dimensions that were determined to be critical for embedding sustainability into a company’s corporate culture have been noted. Retailers should focus efforts on driving improvements in these key dimensions.

Retailers can refer to the Sustainability Resource Library for specific tools, case studies, and further opportunities to help them progress the maturity of their programs.

​Scope of the Model

This Model specifically focuses on environmental impacts associated with a retailer’s operations; subsequent versions may build upon this first version to include aspects of social, community, and diversity impacts as well. It will be updated periodically.

Other related Models include the RILA Retail Energy Management Leadership Model and the ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Management Model.​​​


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