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Retail Energy Management Leadership Model

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​​​​​​​​​About RILA’s Retail Energy Management Leadership Model
RILA’s Retail Energy Management Leadership Model is a roadmap to help retail energy managers optimize their energy programs.

The Model is divided into six sections, as illustrated by the diagram to the right.

It is intended to identify possible pathways to strong energy management programs in retail. The leading practices are currently only performed by a few companies at most, and not every company can/will achieve every leading practice.

How to Use the Model
The Model is a tool that can be used for individual company and industrywide purposes. Retail companies can use the Model to:

  • Baseline the maturity of their programs (contact Erin.Hiatt@RILA.org to receive a custom benchmarking report)
  • Identify the dimensions offer the highest leverage opportunities for improvement
  • Refer to RILA’s Retail Energy Management Resource Library for corresponding tools, case studies, and further opportunities for each dimension

= program dimensions that were identified as “floodgate opportunities” where industry progress will also enable advancement in all other dimensions. These are also the Program’s 3-year focus areas.

To learn more about the development and scope of the model, see the full PDF version.

Other related models include the RILA Retail Sustainability Management Leadership Model and the ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Management Model.

V​isit www.RILA.org/energy to learn more about RILA’s Retail Energy Management Program.


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