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Product Stewardship Matrix

This matrix covers state extended producer responsibility (EPR) or product stewardship legislation that requires producers to ensure safe disposal of products and have requirements for retailers. Product sale bans are also included in the matrix. Product classes subject to EPR have included: appliances containing refrigerants, auto switches, batteries, carpet, cell phones, electronics, fluorescent lighting, mattresses, mercury thermostats, paint, pesticide containers, and pharmaceuticals.

The matrix includes links to lists of compliant manufacturers for states that require retailers to only sell products from manufacturers that are in compliance. If the regulatory agency does not post this information (even when required by state law), retailers can contact the agency directly to verify that products from a manufacturer may be sold.

This matrix does not include state laws that apply to retailers but not to manufacturers. For example, many states have laws with retailer responsibilities for lead-acid batteries that do not indicate any manufacturer responsibilities.

For information on retailer responsibilities related to electronic products, see the CRC E-Waste Matrix.

Date Matrix Updated April 2017

Product stewardship Matrix​


Last Update: 5/22/2017 7:25:44 AM