Accelerating Environmental Performance in Retail

The RILA Retail Advisor is a secure and intuitive web-based application that enables retail organizations to quickly assess their environmental compliance program. Powered by AI and analytics technology, this new tool helps retailers broaden engagement on compliance throughout the enterprise, and provides expert guidance and reports to improve compliance and accelerate environmental performance. The RILA Retail Advisor is currently FREE and available to all retail companies. 

Get started by registering for RILA Retail Advisor access and reading the list of FAQs. Once your profile has been created in the system, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a Quick Start Guide to help you complete your first assessment. Contact us at with any questions or feedback. 

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Why Use the Advisor?

A strong compliance program can reduce non-compliance and the risk of penalties and bad press. However, programs can be expensive, and time-consuming to design, implement and maintain. The Advisor makes program development easier and provides a path to improved performance. Specifically, the Advisor helps retailers:

      • Optimize environmental compliance programs;
      • Conduct self-assessments and gap analysis;
      • Benchmark internally and with industry peers; and
      • Set goals, track and document progress and implement continuous improvement.

Early in 2019, the Advisor will add functionality for goal setting, benchmarking and tracking continuous improvement—making it easier than ever for retail organizations to optimize their programs and embrace the challenge of improved compliance and environmental performance.



Navigate your customized and intelligent questionnaire, based on the Compliance Leadership Model (CLM), to assess your company's specific environmental compliance program.



Role-based access control and end-to-end data encryption ensure user and company data remain secure and confidential.

Enables Collaboration

Use the collaboration function to engage your team and work across departments and even with your consultants and contractors to gather the most accurate data, enhance understanding, and communicate the importance of compliance across the enterprise.


Provides Guidance

Receive tailored guidance based on your responses in the assessment on steps your organization may consider taking to improve your program.



Receive reports showing detailed responses to questionnaires, compiled guidance, an overlay of your organization's results in a matrix, and more! Use reports to optimize your audit program strategy, optimize resources, and communicate the value of your program internally.

Scoring & Visualization

View scores to identify program strengths and areas for improvement.



Beginning Q1 2019, you can benchmark with your peer group and view industry trends! But remember, you need to complete an assessment for your company in order to have access to valuable industry results and insights!



Future releases will allow users to set targets for specific risk areas and track performance over time.